Friday, December 1, 2023

2023’s Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Get Ready to Witness the Celestial Spectacle of Annular-Total Solar Eclipse

The 2023 year will see two solar eclipses, with the first one taking place on April 20th. This eclipse is special as it is a rare hybrid solar eclipse, accounting for just 4.8% of all types of solar eclipses. If you’re looking to observe the eclipse, make sure to check out the guide on how to observe the sun safely, as looking at the sun with the unaided eye can cause permanent damage to your vision.


On Thursday, April 20, 2023, the first of two solar eclipses this year will take place. This eclipse will be a hybrid solar eclipse, one of the rarest varieties of all. The umbra will sweep across Indonesia, Western Australia, and Southeast Asia, with the point of greatest eclipse in the Timor Sea. Observing the sun safely can be done with solar filters or a pinhole camera.


The Celestial Show of Hybrid Solar Eclipse

The 2023 year is set to be an exciting one for skywatchers as two solar eclipses will take place. The first one, on Thursday, April 20th, is a rare hybrid solar eclipse, a celestial spectacle that should not be missed. A hybrid solar eclipse is a unique and rare event that combines elements of both annular and total eclipses.

The Path of Hybrid Eclipse

On April 19th at 9:36 PM EDT, the umbra will sweep northeast across Indonesia, with the moon’s distance causing the shadow’s tip to merely scrape the surface of the Earth. At 10:38 PM EDT on April 19th, the umbra tip will hit the surface, and the eclipse will transition to total as the umbra cuts across our planet. The first landfall is North West Cape in Western Australia, where the sun will be totally eclipsed for 63 seconds. The largest population center in Western Australia to see totality is Exmouth, where 57 seconds of total eclipse will be visible.

Safe Observing Tips

Whether you’ll be watching the eclipse in person or online, it’s important to remember to never look at the sun with the unaided eye, as it can cause permanent damage to your vision. Reliable solar filters and solar eclipse glasses are available for viewing eclipses safely, or you can easily make a pinhole camera at home.



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